Co-author of GNU Make (with Richard Stallman); maintainer of GNU Make. Author and maintainer of the GNU C Library and co-author of the GNU Hurd. Author of several GNU Emacs Lisp packages and parts of GNU Emacs 19. FSF employee summer 1989, fall 1990 to the present.

Installation, maintenance, porting, enhancement of all GNU software. I can install GNU software and maintain its installation on call via the Internet.

Fees negotiable; $75-$100/hour, higher for very short term projects. I can work anywhere in the Boston or SF Bay Area, or anywhere on the Internet. I am working full-time for the FSF on the GNU Hurd, so I am likely to take on only jobs that either can be done entirely via the Internet and are short-term, or that are very interesting.

Contact Roland at:

      Roland McGrath
      545 Tech Sq, Rm 426
      Cambridge, MA
      02139 USA

      Tel:	+1 617 253 8568