We offer source or source+binary distribution, installation, training, maintenance, technical support, consulting, specific development and followup on the GNU software development environment: Emacs, gcc/g++, binutils, gas, gdb.

Experience: adapted gcc, gas and binutils to work as cross-development tools for the Thomson st18950 DSP chip: GCC parser and typing system have been augmented to allow the manipulation of variables located in separated memory spaces. Porting on new platforms, and professionally developing software with the GNU tools in the Unix/X11 environment since they were first available.

Rates: from 2000 FF/day to 150 000 FF/year, 40% discount for educational institutions, add taxes and expenses. Ask for list.

Contact C2V at:

      82 bd Haussmann
      75009 Paris

      Tel:	+33 (1)

      Fax:	+33 (1)

      Email:	renaud@ccv.fr (Renaud Dumeur)
		mfd@ccv.fr (Michel Delval)
		jalb@ccv.fr (Jean-Alain Le Borgne)